Everbrite Kit 16 oz with Gel

Everbrite Kit 16 oz with Gel

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Everbrite Pint Kit with Gel is great for Heavily Tarnished Copper that needs cleaning back to copper but does not need to be polished - Clean and Seal copper roofs or copper gutters and other tarnished copper that needs cleaning and sealing but does not need to be polished.

Four times as much Gel & Everbrite, twice the Neutralizer as the Small 4 oz. Kit.


  • Pint (16 oz.) Everbrite Coating - Coverage about 125 square with one coat. Most surfaces require 2 coats for long term results.
  • Half Gallon HD Copper Cleaning Gel
  • 8 oz. EZ-Prep Neutralizer
  • 2 Prep Pads for scrubbing
  • Applicator Pad
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Complete Written Instructions
HD Copper Cleaning Gel - paint it on heavily oxidized copper and let it work. Be patient, heavily tarnished copper can take time to loosen. Biodegradable and will not harm plants. Gel so it stays where you paint it and works. Scrub surface clean. Wash off with water.
Neutralize with EZ-Prep Neutralizer. Wash with EZ-Prep and water. Rinse with plain water.
Final wipe with solvent cleaner (not included - Sorry, we cannot ship - available at most hardware stores)
Apply Everbrite Protective Coating for long lasting protection from tarnish, corrosion and oxidation. "Keep it Copper with Everbrite"

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