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Easy to use, High Volume, Low Pressure HVLP sprayer with 2 cup guns. Less overspray than Airless sprayers and applies Everbrite Coatings evenly and smoothly with less chance of runs. Manufactured by Wagner.  

The Wagner Control Spray Max Sprayer is a compact, lightweight and versatile HVLP spray station that works great for application of Everbrite.  Use for application on storage doors, metal buildings, sculptures, siding and more.
Sprays materials in patterns from 1/2" to 12" wide with optimum control and precision makeing it superior to brushes and spray cans for fine finish work.  HVLP technology uses a high volume of air at a low pressure to atomize materials into fine particles.  This results in a professional finish with virtually no overspray. 
  • Stationary base with variable power settings.
  • Control Finiosh with 1 1/2 qt. cup and professional grade metal 1 qt. cup.
  • Low overspray system reduces waste and mess compared to other types of sprayers
  • Pattern adjustment can be horizontal or vertical and wide or narrow.
  • Adjustable flow to match cov ering speed and project size.
  • Adjustable for full coverage, precise control and low overspray. 
  • Brush free finish.
  • A High Volume of air is mixed with paint at Low Pressure to deliver a fine finish with low overspray.

The three-way spray setting gives the user precision control. For spraying up and down, align the tabs to the vertical position. Rotate the tabs to a horizontal position for spraying side to side. To spray irregular surfaces, adjust the tabs to a 45-degree angle, and you’ll get maximum control by regulating the paint flow. 




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