Accessories for Application

After the surface is completely clean and dry, Everbrite, ProtectaClear and CrobialCoat can be applied in many ways including spraying with fine finish sprayers like HVLP or Airless paint sprayers, Aerosols or Airbrushes.  The coatings can be applied with natural bristled paintbrushes, foam brushes, applicator pads, paint pads or lint-free cloths.  


Model Product Image Product Name Price
EBC:NG (image for) Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves to protect your hands when cleaning or applying Everbrite Protective Coating.  Protect against chemicals and abrasives. Puncture-resistant. Latex Free.  One pair comes with every Everbrite Order.  Get extras.  $0.75 per pair.

EBC:SAP (image for) Microfiber Applicator (set of 3)

Microfiber Applicator (set of 3)

Microfiber applicators make product application easier, quicker, and more efficient, especially on smooth stainless steel or mirror finishes.  This set contains one small suede covered applicator and 2 larger round microfiber applicators.   The small applicator allows for easy application of ProtectaClear or CrobialCoat, great in tight spaces. The small applicator measures 1"x3"x1". This perfect size...

EBC:AP (image for) Applicator Pad

Applicator Pad

Everbrite Applicator Pad - Durable sponge encased in smooth cloth fabric for easy and smooth application of Everbrite Coating on siding, garage doors, roll-up doors, and other surfaces. Use to apply ProtectaClear or CrobialCoat on larger surfaces like counters, sinks, railings and more.  Pad can be sealed into aluminum foil to keep it soft and wet between coats.    Discard when used and dry.  Once the sponge dries it loses...

EBC:SB1 (image for) 1 Inch Sponge Brush

1 Inch Sponge Brush

One inch sponge brush for application of Everbrite Protective Coating, ProtectaClear or CrobialCoat.  Use for small projects.  For larger projects an applicator pad or a natural bristled brush is recommended.  One time use - once the coating dries, the sponge gets too stiff to use.  Wood handle. Made in the USA.  

EBC:PVLSYS (image for) Preval Spray System

Preval Spray System

The Preval Sprayer is an aerosol-based spray system that allows the user to turn the liquid Everbrite, CrobialCoat or ProtectaClear into sprayable material through Preval’s patented Venturi Vacuum Process. This process draws the medium from the attached reservoir and delivers a professional-grade finish on virtually any surface without mixing the propellant and medium together. This results in an unadulterated finish with no color change....

EBC:PVLPU (image for) Preval Power Unit

Preval Power Unit

Additional Preval Power Units - replacement for spray unit when the original spray runs out.  Reuse the glass jar and just get additional power units.  

EBC:GRIP (image for) Aerosol vGrip

Aerosol vGrip

vGrip Universal Handle.   Save your finger from pressing on an aerosol top.  A 2-in-1 gun handle and ergonomic trigger that snaps onto the Preval Sprayer with ease. Also attaches to any other standard aerosol can. Much easier on the finger than depressing the top of the valve. Ergonomic Design Handle: The trigger handle is designed ergonomically, which is easy to use and not feel tired even if used for a long time. Nice Material: The...

HVLP (image for) HVLP Sprayer

HVLP Sprayer

Easy to use, High Volume, Low Pressure HVLP sprayer with 2 cup guns. Less overspray than Airless sprayers and applies Everbrite Coatings evenly and smoothly with less chance of runs. Manufactured by Wagner.   The Wagner Control Spray Max Sprayer is a compact, lightweight and versatile HVLP spray station that works great for application of Everbrite.  Use for application on storage doors, metal buildings, sculptures, siding and more. ...

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