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Everbrite Coating for Architectural Metal:

  • Restores the color and luster of faded metals
  • Makes dull, chalky metal look new
  • Protects metal from salts, corrosion, tarnish & rust
  • Seals rusted metal patina to stop drips & mess
  • Everbrite
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ProtectaClear for High Touch Metals

  • Protects metal from tarnish, salt & rust
  • Helps stop fingerprints, smudges and scratches
  • Formulated for clarity & hardness
  • Excellent adhesion even on mirror polished metals
  • ProtectaClear

CrobialCoat with Antimicrobial Protection:

  • Protects metal from tarnish, fingerprints & smudges
  • Helps to prevent spread and growth of microbes
  • Ideal for high-touch metals where cleanliness matters
  • Will not wash off. Works 24/7 for years
  • CrobialCoat

About our Metal Restoration Products

Everbrite Coating

Everbrite Protective Coating will bring back the original color and luster of old, faded metal and will protect from the damage that the sun, salt air, acid rain, moisture and other damaging elements cause. Restores architectural metal, siding, buildings, window extrusions and more. Everbrite has UV Blockers & Anti-Oxidants to prevent chalking, fading, oxidation and corrosion. Also protects metal from tarnishing. Use on copper roofs, gutters, deck caps, weathervanes & more. Seals rusted metal to prevent drips & stains.


ProtectaClear is a tough, clear coating that provides protection for bare metal from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion & oxidation. ProtectaClear is tough and scratch resistant for metal that gets a lot of handling or abuse like railings, jewelry, sinks, countertops, brass beds or other metal that gets a lot of use. Reduces fingerprints, smudges on highly polished metal or stainless steel. Use ProtectaClear on mirror-polished metals. Protects stainless steel from tea-staining and rust.

Restore any Metal and Most Surfaces to their Original Luster

Your product is amazing. I will be pursuing more projects with this wonderful product! -Jeff Wilder

I was really surprised at the results. The wheels looked new again. The wheel restore is amazing! -Floyd

I was just thrilled with the results. I sell my jewelry with confidence knowing that it will stay beautiful over time. -Susan M Collett

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