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Garage Door Kit SATIN Finish -1 Car

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Everbrite will restore your faded or dull garage door and will restore the color and luster to make it look new again. If your door is too shiny when it is clean and STILL wet, the clear finish may be too shiny. This Kit is a SATIN finish and will tone down the sheen of the door.

Everbrite is easy to apply and will protect the door from fading, chalking and even graffiti.

Less expensive and much easier than paint - No masking - No overspray or mess. Longer lasting than paint too!

A Garage Door Renewal Kit has everything necessary to restore the color and luster on your metal garage door.


  • 1 Pint of Everbrite SATIN  - will rejuvenate & protect one standard single garage door.
  • 4oz. EZ-Prep, a concentrated, mild, biodegradable, free-rinsing surface cleaner
  • Prep Pad
  • Applicator Pad
  • Microfiber Cleaning Towel
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Complete written instructions.

If your door is very chalky, you may need additional Prep Pads. Click Here to order.

For long-lasting results, apply 2 coats of Everbrite. Do NOT try to stretch the coating to cover more than the recommended area.

Click Here if you have a Double (2 Car) garage door. 

Extra Applicators, cleaning pads and gloves available. Click to View. 

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