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ProtectaClear Starter Kit 16 oz

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ProtectaClear Starter Kit is great for interior metals or metals that need tough protection like railings or metals in a marine environment. A ProtectaClear Starter Kit is for medium size projects that need cleaning or neutralizing and includes EZ-Prep Neutralizer. Want a Kit with Polish?

ProtectaClear will prevent corrosion, tarnish and oxidation on copper, brass, silver and other metals. ProtectaClear will seal stainless steel and will even help prevent fingerprints! Use ProtectaClear to protect metal in a marine environment or around pools from corrosion and oxidation caused by exposure to salt or chlorine. The ProtectaClear Starter Kit is great for protecting automotive metal. Seal and protect wheels, aluminum, anodized aluminum, chrome, trim, brass and more from tarnish, oxidation, brake dust and road salts.

Protect wheels from brake dust and road salts. Goldwing wheels are not coated by Honda and will corrode if not protected. ProtectaClear will prevent damage and will keep your wheels looking freshly polished. 


  • Pint ProtectaClear Coating
  • 8 oz. EZ Prep Concentrated Cleaner & Neutralizer
  • Applicator
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Complete written instructions

Coverage: About 125 square feet of single coat coverage.  Two coats are recommended on most surfaces for long-lasting protection. 

Extra Applicators & Nitrile Gloves Available.

ProtectaClear is also available without the EZPrep Neutralizer in Various size cans and 6 oz aerosol cans and 12 oz aerosol cans

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