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Everbrite Coating is a Tough Clear Coating

  • Restores Color and Luster to Faded Painted, Powder-coated or Anodized Metal
  • Protects Against Color Fading on Any Colored Metal
  • Contains Strong U.V. Blockers to Protect Metal from Fading
  • Stops Tarnish, Rust & Corrosion on Copper, Brass, Bronze & more
  • Seals Porous Metals like Raw Steel, Rusted Metal and Corten. Stop Drips & Stains
  • Protects from Damage from Sun, Salt air, Acid rain, Corrosion & more. 
  • Easy to Apply.  Dip, Brush, Wipe-on or Spray

Use 4 oz. can for trials or small projects like weathervanes, deck caps, mailboxes, etc. Coverage: 25 sf single coat (2 coats recommended for most projects for long lasting results).


  • Everbrite 4 oz. can
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Applicator
  • Complete Written Instructions.

Your old, faded, painted metal will look new again! Unpainted metals will stay looking new!

  • Restores the color and luster of faded painted surfaces.  Siding, Storage Doors, Garage Doors, Painted Roofs, Signs, Window frames and much more.
  • Protects metal from Tarnish, Fading, Rust, Corrosion and Oxidation.
  • Keeps copper and brass looking new -Weather-vanes, Cupolas, Copper Roofs, Copper Gutters, Sculptures, Finials, and more…
  • Seals Rusted Metal to prevent drips and stains.

Copper MailboxBird FeederCopper Top sealed with Everbrite to prevent tarnish   Everbrite seals rusted metal to stop stains and drips.     Painted metal can be restored to new with Everbrite

Click here for more information on Everbrite Coating.

Need a different size?

A Pint (16 oz) can of Everbrite will cover about 125 square feet.    An Everbrite Quart (32 oz.) will cover about 250 square feet.   An Everbrite Gallon will cover about 1000 square feet  An Everbrite Aerosol is good for intricate projects or small projects.    Everbrite 5 Gallon Pail will cover about 5000 square feet.

We also have Everbrite Kits with cleaners and polishes available. Extra Nitrile Gloves, Applicator Pads, and Additional Accessories available.

*Keep any coating left over after your project in a sealed container and it will last indefinitely for touchups or other projects.



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