Instant Rust 8 oz

Instant Rust 8 oz

  • Model: EBC:IR8


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Instant Rust Accelerator creates real rust on iron based metals.

Rust accelerator creates real rust on iron based metals.  Use on Corten or other iron or steel.  Spray or paint on Instant Rust Antiquing Solution for a rust patina. Coverage: 16 square feet (2 coats).

Fast Acting - paint on to Corten or  iron based metals for a rust patina.


  • Desired finish achieved in days rather than weeks.
  • Can be halted at desired level of rust.
  • Simple application
  • Creates unique patina
  • See results within an hour
  • Brush or spray application

Once the rust patina is achieved, it is highly recommended that the rust be sealed to avoid drips, stains and transference onto clothing or other surfaces.  Use Everbrite Coating to seal the patina on most rusted metal surfaces.  If a surface gets high use like countertops, then ProtectaClear is recommended.  See our Rusted Metal page for more information. 

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