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Jewelry Protector 4 oz.

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ProtectaClear for Jewelry

  • Seals & Protects Jewelry from Tarnish, Fading, Wear & More
  • Use on Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Gold, Metal Clay, Nickel, Plated Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Jewelry or on Jewelry with Patina.
  • Makes Jewelry Hypoallergenic. Helps stop skin discoloration & allergies to metal.
  • Skin-Safe, Anti-Tarnish Hard Sealer for jewelry.
  • Protects even inexpensive plated jewelry from flaking and wear.
  • Crystal Clear Coating - Practically invisible on polished metals.
  • Easy-to-Apply.  Dip, Brush or Spray.  
  • Keeps jewelry looking freshly polished.
  • Formulated for clarity & hardness
  • Excellent adhesion - even on mirror polished metals.

ProtectaClear for Jewelry 4 oz. can covers about 25 square feet of jewelry with one coat.  Multiple coats are recommended on jewelry that gets a lot of wear.  

Join the thousands of jewelry designers, manufacturers and jewelry owners that use ProtectaClear® to protect jewelry.  Our coating ensures that jewelry can be enjoyed and hassle-free.   ProtectaClear® is a skin-safe, anti-tarnish clear coating, that is practically invisible, and will protect your jewelry from tarnish, oxidation and fading.   Furthermore, the coating will make the jewelry hypoallergenic, thus helps to prevent an allergic reaction to metals. 

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earrings protected with ProtectaClear     Protect Jewelry from tarnish and wear with ProtectaClear

  Also available in other sizes and Spray cans for easy application on chains or intricate jewelry.  

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